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I am a widow and a teacher, and I feel and care for the needy children. I love them as my own sons and daughters. I want to give them a real home and with the basic needs covered.Would you like to help us and make it possible?

Friday, 25 May 2012


The unterchange of letters will start next week         
Thanks to Mare de Deu del Coll school

Mwangi, 8 years old *REST IN PEACE* Last 21th of May Mwangui left us. "We have learned a lot with you" Mama Jane says
 "We will always love you" Jenracy children.
 Today in the sky we 'll look for a new star shining, this will be our bother Mwangi
We say goodbye to him tomorrow 26/05/12 at Langatas Cementery at
12 a.m in Nairobi, Kenya

                                                                   Picture taken last November '11                                            

Friday, 11 May 2012

Meating with Timon writting down important papers in their future computer! 11th of May'12

Meating with Ester Kibisum director in Rusinga Island.  Ester has been helping Jenracy from the begining with the training of the teachers and sponsoring and looking for sponsors for secondary school students. In a very near place is where the secondary students are boarding. Ester is cordinating the kindergarten project called Kibisum and sponsoring other secondary students.  Those kids live with their relatives (aunts, grandparents...) and go to the school-home during the day.

We are studing the possibility to move there because the lands are cheaper and there is a better envoirment for the children.  We are planning to travel to Rusinga next month and to see lands with Ester.         

7th of May in Nairobi, 2012

Thursday, 10 May 2012

 Meating with the Social Worker (Timon and Jane) in a friend's house (internet, writting down documents with computer...) 3 th May
Next meating with Timon next 11th/May.
Starts the exchange of letters between Mare de Déu del Coll school and the children from Jenracy Center Children's home (Mama Jane's Project) with the 5th and 6th class with the help of  their English teacher  (Elena Buisán Tardío)
On the 23h of May the children will receive the letters!!
They are already impatient!!! 

Thanks to the school of Carmel and the teacher to have this beautiful initiative!!